Saturday, October 23, 2010

A letter for a boyfriend.

Saba Ahmad,

23rd October  2010

Dear boyfriend,
         I know that its been a while since I last heard from you. I hope you are doing great with your new love. I know that you are so busy lately and I understand it. I am doing fine here. 

          I am typing this letter just to remind you that you are so handsome. I think, that is why, she really wants you. She is really really into you. I am not jealous because I know that you are also into her. I don't mind if you want to spend your time with her. I don't mind if you answer me and asked me to do another things. I don't mind. I promise I don't mind. I promise I am being just cool and relax with that thing.

        But really, boyfriend. I want to ask you. Is she really beautiful? Is she really can do things that I did before? Do you really love her that you ignoring me? I am not being sad and misery for this. I am not. I am not. Do you mad if I asked you to date her instead of me. If I cannot do things that she do, I am willingly accept it if you go for her. 

         Boyfriend, I know that your love for me is real. But it seems like it fade. I cook for you. I smile for you. I laugh for you and I do anything for you. Last night I call you, you seems so happy with your life. I also happy for you. Humph, its okay then. I hope you will enjoy yourselves. Good bye for now. Convey my regards to her. What her name again? Travian? 


(Saba Ahmad)

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