Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i hate having blog

i hate having a blog because i did not know why i should have it.
i hate it because i never know what i should do with it.
i hate my blog because i did not have a new post andd i dont know what i should post.

andd right now i am very dissapointed because it seems that what i want, i cant have it.
i cant get it as i did not know how to get it.
and right now, what i really want is to spend money for something that i really want.
and what i want right now is baju raya, tudung, flip flop, flats andd idk >.<

andd it kinda so hard for me to have them as i am the type of choosy yet simple person.
i wore same tudung, same bag, same jeans, same baju everyday.
because, i love to buy things, and just leave it in the almari.
i love to buy things yet i love to wear the same things that i wore i mean almost everyday.
HAHA. i am that type of girl.

many of my baju, i wore it like once or twice, then i just dont know where they are.
i hate to ransack things. so it went missing and its okay with me :)

many of my baju/selendang (too), i bought them, and i give it to friends, or sisters.
i just find it nice and bought it. but not on me. 
and i'm happy to give it to person that deserve them :D

humphh, right now i just don't know what to do.
i am so malas on doing works, but so rajin on doing this.
andd now, i feel more and moreeee lega as i am not thinking of what i'm thinking before wrote this.
HAHAHA. and right now, i just dont know what am i thinking about just now.
(already remember it) and i realized that in my penulisan, there are so many anddd.

waaahh. andd much, huhh?

love, me